Skyscraper Ads

Sample Skyscraper Ads

Grabbing and Holding
Your Attention

Skyscraper ads display along the right hand side of most pages on our websites. They are the most prominent advertising element and occupy a more prestigious position than banners.

Best Use

Skyscrapers are extremely effective for both branding campaigns and click generation. Their position, size, and prominence make them our greatest "attention getter."

Flexible Targeting

Skyscrapers can be targeted as generally or as specifically as you desire: they can run across an entire state website or series of sites, focus on a particular set of destinations or single area, or appear only in relation to a specific topic such as lodging, attractions, hiking, etc.

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Right side of page
Image Size
160 x 600 pixels
Animated GIF or Flash allowed
Display Frequency
Rotates with other similarly targeted ads
File Size
75 K or less for .jpg or .gif
120 K or less for Flash
Text Caption
Link Destination
DIP or off-site link

Skyscrapers are priced by impressions (the number of times they are viewed). Every 1,000 impressions or “page views� costs between $8 and $13, depending on the quantity purchased.

50,000 impressions X $12 per thousand = Only $600.

Discounts are available if you purchase multiple ads, or provide a reciprocal link back from your website to ours.

View our Summary Rate Sheet for all advertisements, or our complete advertising technical specs.

All of our ads record impressions and clicks in real time. You choose the frequency of reporting.

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