Featured Listings

Targeted Traffic, Relevant Content

Featured Listings

Featured Listings are the most highly targeted type of ad and are the most effective at generating relevant click traffic, since they are part of the page content the user is browsing.

Best Use

For many topics, Featured Listings are the main content of the page they display on, so users who have taken the time to navigate to that specific page are almost always highly interested in the listings displayed there. Featured Listings generate highly relevant clicks to your Detailed Information Page (DIP) and website.

Flexible Targeting

We target your Featured Listing to all relevant topics and destinations, so each impression and click is a potential client, and you get the best possible exposure.

For example:  A horseback riding company near the Grand Canyon would be featured under the Horseback Riding, Sightseeing Tours and Tour Companies pages on our Go-Arizona.com Grand Canyon coverage.

Featured Listings display in random order, so each one has an equal chance of being in the first position on any given page view.

Additional Special Interest Targeting

In addition to your normal targeting, we can also target your listing to specific detail pages covering scenic drives, attractions, hiking trails, etc.

Relevant state and destination search pages
Link Destination
DIP, off-site link, AND off-site book online link.

Each Featured Listing Displays:

  • Prominent business name
  • Teaser text - 3 to 4 lines of descriptive text
  • Optional teaser image
  • Links to Detailed Information Page or website
  • Book Online and Hot Deal buttons (optional)
  • Pertinent info like address, phone, email
  • Targeted, searchable display
  • Included on state and destination search maps, topic pages, and more

Featured Listings are priced based on which destination(s) and topic(s) the listing displays in.

The price can range from $95 to $495 per year.

Discounts are available if you purchase multiple ads, or provide a reciprocal link back from your website to ours.

View our Summary Rate Sheet for all advertisements.

All of our ads record impressions and clicks in real time. You choose the frequency of reporting.

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