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All advertisers are entitled to their own Detailed Information Page (DIP) on our sites. Your custom Detailed Information Page is like a mini-website (with its own unique URL) to promote your business.

Best Use

Your DIP is most useful for providing detailed information about your business to potential clients without them having to leave our website. Users commonly complain about having to visit so many websites to gather information. Putting all of your promotional information within our websites makes users more likely to patronize your business.

Fast Search Engine Indexing

Additionally, your DIP is one more page to get indexed by the search engines and found by searchers. It is an easy way of making your business more prominent on the internet.

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Your DIP is linked to from your Featured Listing and from any other ad you desire.

The specific content and look of your DIP depends on what type of business you operate, but generally all DIPs include:

  • Unlimited amount of descriptive text
  • Photo slideshows and video
  • Complete contact information
  • Relevant details about your business
  • Links to your official website
  • Email request form
  • Maps and Directions to your business
  • Hot Deals / Special Promotions
  • Search engine optimization
  • A search engine friendly URL such as

Detailed Information Pages are FREE with any ad purchase. For certain destinations and topics, we will provide a DIP simply in exchange for a link.

Like all our ads, DIPs record impressions and clicks in real time. You choose the frequency of reporting.

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