Button Ads

Integrated Direct Targeting

Button Ads

Button ads are small relevant ads tightly integrated into the content of the page. They are sold on a page-by-page basis for the utmost in targeting precision.

Best Use

Button ads are integrated more directly into the page content than banners or skyscrapers, so they work as both a click generator and a branding tool. Button ads are targeted to specific pages, which makes them highly effective if you have a particular audience to reach.

Flexible Targeting

Button ads are targeted to individual pages. They can appear on the site home page or another main navigation page, on a specific topic search or results page (Lodging, Hiking, etc.), a specific destination page (Salt Lake City Introduction) or, for the ultimate in targeted traffic, a specific topic/destination page (Salt Lake City Hiking page.)

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Left navigation or page intro text
Image Size
120 x 90 pixels
No animation
Display Frequency
*Exclusive or rotating
File Size
20 K or less for .jpg or .gif
Text Caption
30 characters
Link Destination
DIP or off-site link

*Display frequency depends on ad location. Most button ads are exclusive to their position, but some rotate with other similarly targeted ads.

Button ad prices are based on placement, terms, and expected performance. Prices vary by site and page. Contact a sales rep for details.

Discounts are available if you purchase multiple ads, or provide a reciprocal link back from your website to ours.

View our Summary Rate Sheet for all advertisements, or our complete advertising technical specs.

All of our ads record impressions and clicks in real time. You choose the frequency of reporting.

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