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About the Go Travel Sites
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The Go Travel Sites consist of large, dynamic travel portals covering all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

We started in 1997 with Go-Utah.com and added the entire U.S. a short time later. Our sites provide travel information about where to go and what to do, cutting through the noise of unfiltered comments. Our users are actively planning their travel, so each click on our highly targeted system is a potential customer.

Advertising Options on The Go Travel Sites.

Through our Go Travel Sites network, we extensively promote travel and tourism via marketing partnerships, and design and develop award winning dynamic websites for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), resorts, and travel destinations.

We book once-in-a-lifetime houseboat vacations and adventure trips, as well as condo and guest home lodging in a few select locations worldwide. We've been doing this for 15 years out of Salt Lake City, surrounded by world-famous attractions and activities. There's no better place to speak from about the variety of travel and tourism.

We are incredibly proud of the outstanding team we have assembled in our Salt Lake City headquarters. Key team members are identified below.

  • Tom Berens

    Tom Berens

    President / CEO
  • Pam Gottling

    Pam Gottling

    Vice President - Ad Sales

  • Chris   Newton

    Chris Newton

    Partnership Development

  • Stacy Ludlow

    Stacy Ludlow

    Houseboat Reservations Manager
  • Katy Robertson

    Katy Robertson

    Specialty Travel
  • Heather Mattocks

    Heather Mattocks

    Specialty Travel
  • Alene Root

    Alene Root

    Specialty Travel
  • David  McGuigan

    David McGuigan

    Head of In-House Programming
  • Jonathan Haglund

    Jonathan Haglund

    Head of IT
  • Catherine Rail

    Catherine Rail

    Office Manager

We partner with some of the leading lodging, travel, and tourism companies in the world.

Some of our current clients.

Additionally, we work one-on-one with hundreds of local and regional hotels, guides and outfitters, museums and attractions, and restaurants across our Go Sites.

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